What is the control system of a concrete batching plant?

What is the control system of a concrete batching plant?

Centralized control refers to the establishment of a relatively stable control center in an organization. The control center processes all kinds of information inside and outside the organization, finds problems and proposes solutions to problems.

The characteristic of this form is that all information (including internal and external) flows into the center, and the control center centralizes processing, and all the control instructions are all issued by the control center.

The composition of the centralized control system includes: high-voltage power distribution cabinets, control platforms, control systems, computers, printers, and monitoring systems.
High-voltage power distribution cabinets are strong cabinets and are suitable for HZS90 stations and more than 90 stations.
The concrete mixing plant produced by EP adopts a fully automated control system, which is more convenient and quick to operate.

The operating mode of the system progresses from simple instrumentation to touchscreen, folleowd by semi-automatic operation, and finally to a fully automatic operation mode as technology advances.
The number of controlled weighings also varies from 3-bar scales to 10-bar scales and can be configured according to customer requirements.

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